Offline Math Events in Kansas City - Daily Challenge with Po-Shen Loh

2021 Math Events

Come to meet Professor Po-Shen Loh in person! September 25th, Prof. Loh will host two offline math events in Kansas City!

Hosted by Daily Challenge with Po-Shen Loh, co-hosted by Institute of Chinese Language and Culture at Kansas City and 888 International Market,these fun and interactive math events are meant for students who will be in Grades 5–8 next school year, together with their families. It will discuss some games which appear simple at first glance, but turn out to have powerful strategies that become visible after changing to a mathematical perspective.

The talk will also address parents, discussing educational philosophy, particularly around how to teach students to invent mathematically (to be able to come up with their own mathematical changes of perspective), instead of simply treating math as a subject to be memorized and drilled.

There will be substantial time for free-ranging Q&A from students and parents. This is an opportunity to unite families in the region who share common interests, create connections, and exchange ideas.

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9月25日,罗博深教授来到Kansas City带来免费的线下亲子数学活动啦!本次活动由堪城现代中文学校协办。活动中:罗教授将带孩子在数学游戏中体验思考的乐趣,同时也和父母分享他对于教育和数学思维培养的看法和理念。


  • 活动主题: Math in Games, Strategy & Invention
  • 活动时间: 9月25日 周六 当地时间晚 5:00-6:30 PM
  • 适合人群: 5-8年级的学生和家长
  • 报名链接:
  • 活动地址: Indian Creek Recreation Center, Overland Park, 10308 Marty St. Overland Park, Kansas 66212


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